Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Amazingly Awesome Bumble Brothers

Good afternoon.

So today is the day I can finally start to give you some details about why the blog has been so quiet and what I've been up to in the meantime. But first we must go back.

Some twenty odd years ago, myself and fellow member of The Sway, Jim Kook disappeared from our everyday lives and took a trip to the seaside. Whilst there,we spotted a chalk board outside a pub. 'The World's Strongest Lager - Sold Here!' was the claim.

During the next twenty four hours of lostness, a postcard was written and posted to Jim's place of work - a place he was supposed to be at, at that very moment. Such was our bravado, the card was simply signed 'Fuck off. Love from The Bumble Brothers x' and the legend was born (and Jim somehow kept his job!). After spotting that sign outside the boozer, vague flashbacks are the only thing I can remember. A lady dressed as Cat Women and an aborted attempt to book a room at a Bed and Breakfast are two but the memory of the solemn vow, that we would one day write and record our interpretation of popular music, under the guise of 'The Bumble Brothers', shines brightest and lives longest.

So here we are, a little covertly but now almost ready to spread our musical legs and take you to the hilt. In fact, we're so confident, that we've added 'amazingly awesome' to the name. That's why additions to this blog have virtually ground to a halt. Every ounce of my writing energy has been spent writing lyrics, which I'm happy to report have led to me being called 'a fucking genius', several times, by my partner in crime. I wouldn't go that far but if they stand up, then the inspiration for what I've written, is totally down to him tickling my creative bone, with his mad tunes.

We have made great advancements towards completing our debut EP, which will be released free of charge to everyone adding our Facebook page, to their list of likes. Make sure you are logged on to Facebook, click here and hit our like button.

'Tales of Twisted Torment' will be available this summer, so keep your eye on the prize and we'll try not to disappoint.

Thanks for reading.

And brace yourselves.

Oh! And bring lube. It's gonna be fucking mental!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Dear Brethren

Tired and ill. Doesn't mean I'm not doing just fine though. People are always there for me. I can't stop thanking them. I love them. And in turn, I'm continuing to help others. Sharing this special thing we are given. This life. This crazy life.

My Dear Brethren:

I carry any burden,
for only a few paces.
Then I share the load
with familiar faces.

Should to shoulder,
sisters and brothers.
If you tell me one secret,
I'll share with one other.

Not to betray.
In me you can trust.
But secrets erode,
turn metals to rust.

In turn I will help,
like others help me
and together we stand,
together we're free.

Free from the lies
and free from the hate.
To think otherwise,
on thin ice you skate

So remember the ones.
The trouble and shame
and how we came through it,
when we used our brains.

Now I toast my dear brethren.
The bonds are life long
and I pray to the big man,
'no more pain, no more wrong'.

© Paul David Hogan 2012

Monday, 23 April 2012

Being Human

Life can bring the hardest man to his knees and can pack him off to the darkest place imaginable. I've been and clawed my way back.  A dear friend has gotten himself lost and is there right now. He's sending me postcards. I want him to buy a return ticket. But there is little I can do to help. Being human, eh? What a fucking challenge!

Being Human:

A great man saved my life,
a lifetime ago.
Carried me in his arms.
Used himself as a shield,
to protect me.
Strongest man I know,
now broken, mentally,
by the simple struggle,
of being human.
I want him to save himself,
like he once saved me
but mental strength,
is the hardest to find,
when life comes along
and erodes it to nothing.
Today I could protect him,
with physical strength
but today, that is no defence,
against the power
of unhealthy thinking.
I can only hope,
there is a glimmer, a glint
of spiritual light,
that will glow and grow
and return him,
from the dark place
he now resides.

© Paul David Hogan 2012

Saturday, 21 April 2012

This Lucky Love

I see some really humble people going through the mill and on the flip side I see some right cunts acting like..... well..... right cunts. I ain't no angel but I try and stand with the humble. Like the song says, 'I got the love I need to see me through'. Thank God.

This Lucky Love:

I got the songs but I can't sing.
Got the moves but I can't dance.
I got comedy but I can't act.
Still, I got love
I'll take my chance.

I don't need quotes for inspiration.
Don't need lies, they do me harm.
I don't need monsters, demons, devils.
Coz I got love
and it's a charm.

My girl and child, keep me breathing.
Family, dear friends, a dog.
My job, a roof and some clothing.
This lucky love,
a gift from God.

I hear the ones, boastful, complaining.
Hear the ones, who lie and cheat.
I hear the ones, hand me the power
Revert to love,
it cools the heat.

Never take this love for granted.
Please don't step into the fire.
Never treat your family badly.
Pray of this love,
to never tire.

© Paul David Hogan 2012

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Hello dear friends.

I'm a little tired but extremely excited by a new, all to be revealed at a later date, writing and music project, that I have become heavily involved in. I feel genuinely privileged to have been asked and the reaction I have had, to the lyrical content that I have presented so far, has been rave, to say the least. I'm dead chuffed but have been inspired by the plots and atmospheres, I have been presented with. I'll give you more info, as an when I'm allowed.

Anyway, short and sweet today. Ever had a holiday romance topped of with a  a nasty surprise? I genuinely haven't, but I know a few who have. Suckers!


She gave me an STI
but I didn't mind
because her smile radiated,
Warmer than than the laser,
now burning warts from my shaft.

© Paul David Hogan 2012

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Damned Sleep

I write the best gags, sketches and songs when I'm in the land of nod. They are almost always gone by the time I try to remember them, to make a note. I need someone to invent a, 'Capture of The Subconcious' device. It would be greatly appreciated.

Damned Sleep:

When I'm asleep,
I'm at my most creative.
But when I'm sleeping,
I'm also at my laziest.
When I wake up,
I forget almost everything.
Which is a huge shame
because if those thoughts
didn't almost always disappear,
in the haze of dawn
and the buzz of alarm clock,
I'd be famous and rich
and many of your women
would think of me,
whilst you plough them.
So be thankful.
Thankful that I sleep.

© Paul David Hogan 2012

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Never Perfect

I hope I never come across as boastful or crass. I probably used to to be those things but that was a long time ago and I've been forgiven by the people who count and most importantly, I forgave myself. This, of course, doesn't make me immune to the instances of delusion and stomach turning idiocy, via all sorts of mediums, coming at me, on virtually a daily basis. Nothing is perfect, nor should it be. The world is awesome, even with its flaws. So striving for happiness and peace and love and all that stuff, is so much more desirable to me, than striving for the material, the ego, the perfection.

Never Perfect:

I have no desire for the material.
Greed, it sickens me.
I have no interest, in celebrity culture,
or the majority of what's on TV.

I don't boast about how much things cost.
It doesn't seem important that you know.
I don't know the cut of my cloth.
It seems irrelevant, to show.

It's important I'm grateful, for all I have.
To those who care, I'll try and show it.
The man who is ugly of heart, will eventually suffer
and very well they know it.

Family and friends I keep close by
because their presence comforts me.
They are not a status symbol to be used,
they're no commodity.

I shouldn't feel guilty for being happy
but sometimes I am.
I shouldn't take pleasure in the idiocy of others
but sometimes, I don't give a damn.

Yet here I stand, healthy mind,
vision clear, loving heart.
Never perfect, little ego
and for me that's where to start.

© Paul David Hogan 2012