Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Never Perfect

I hope I never come across as boastful or crass. I probably used to to be those things but that was a long time ago and I've been forgiven by the people who count and most importantly, I forgave myself. This, of course, doesn't make me immune to the instances of delusion and stomach turning idiocy, via all sorts of mediums, coming at me, on virtually a daily basis. Nothing is perfect, nor should it be. The world is awesome, even with its flaws. So striving for happiness and peace and love and all that stuff, is so much more desirable to me, than striving for the material, the ego, the perfection.

Never Perfect:

I have no desire for the material.
Greed, it sickens me.
I have no interest, in celebrity culture,
or the majority of what's on TV.

I don't boast about how much things cost.
It doesn't seem important that you know.
I don't know the cut of my cloth.
It seems irrelevant, to show.

It's important I'm grateful, for all I have.
To those who care, I'll try and show it.
The man who is ugly of heart, will eventually suffer
and very well they know it.

Family and friends I keep close by
because their presence comforts me.
They are not a status symbol to be used,
they're no commodity.

I shouldn't feel guilty for being happy
but sometimes I am.
I shouldn't take pleasure in the idiocy of others
but sometimes, I don't give a damn.

Yet here I stand, healthy mind,
vision clear, loving heart.
Never perfect, little ego
and for me that's where to start.

© Paul David Hogan 2012

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