Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Dear Brethren

Tired and ill. Doesn't mean I'm not doing just fine though. People are always there for me. I can't stop thanking them. I love them. And in turn, I'm continuing to help others. Sharing this special thing we are given. This life. This crazy life.

My Dear Brethren:

I carry any burden,
for only a few paces.
Then I share the load
with familiar faces.

Should to shoulder,
sisters and brothers.
If you tell me one secret,
I'll share with one other.

Not to betray.
In me you can trust.
But secrets erode,
turn metals to rust.

In turn I will help,
like others help me
and together we stand,
together we're free.

Free from the lies
and free from the hate.
To think otherwise,
on thin ice you skate

So remember the ones.
The trouble and shame
and how we came through it,
when we used our brains.

Now I toast my dear brethren.
The bonds are life long
and I pray to the big man,
'no more pain, no more wrong'.

© Paul David Hogan 2012