Thursday, 12 April 2012

Damned Sleep

I write the best gags, sketches and songs when I'm in the land of nod. They are almost always gone by the time I try to remember them, to make a note. I need someone to invent a, 'Capture of The Subconcious' device. It would be greatly appreciated.

Damned Sleep:

When I'm asleep,
I'm at my most creative.
But when I'm sleeping,
I'm also at my laziest.
When I wake up,
I forget almost everything.
Which is a huge shame
because if those thoughts
didn't almost always disappear,
in the haze of dawn
and the buzz of alarm clock,
I'd be famous and rich
and many of your women
would think of me,
whilst you plough them.
So be thankful.
Thankful that I sleep.

© Paul David Hogan 2012