Monday, 23 April 2012

Being Human

Life can bring the hardest man to his knees and can pack him off to the darkest place imaginable. I've been and clawed my way back.  A dear friend has gotten himself lost and is there right now. He's sending me postcards. I want him to buy a return ticket. But there is little I can do to help. Being human, eh? What a fucking challenge!

Being Human:

A great man saved my life,
a lifetime ago.
Carried me in his arms.
Used himself as a shield,
to protect me.
Strongest man I know,
now broken, mentally,
by the simple struggle,
of being human.
I want him to save himself,
like he once saved me
but mental strength,
is the hardest to find,
when life comes along
and erodes it to nothing.
Today I could protect him,
with physical strength
but today, that is no defence,
against the power
of unhealthy thinking.
I can only hope,
there is a glimmer, a glint
of spiritual light,
that will glow and grow
and return him,
from the dark place
he now resides.

© Paul David Hogan 2012

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