Monday, 5 March 2012

The Time Traveller's Mullet

A magnification of the reality, for comedic purposes, just has to be done, sometimes.

The Time Traveller's Mullet:

I was tactful
and now the mullet is no more.
But I know it will return one day,
to stick hard in my craw.

Again I will be tactful,
and tell it to depart.
But I think I wind its owner up.
He’ll stab me in the heart!

And now I miss the mullet.
I’ve nowt to focus on!
I’ll have to google pictures,
of Jason Donovan.

Next time we part and say ‘goodbye’,
to flowing 80’s locks.
I’d like a little piece of it.
I’ll keep it in a box.

The mullet is a creature,
evoking love and hate.
Farewell for now, dear mullet.
Your owner’s fucking great!

© Paul David Hogan 2012