Friday, 2 March 2012


Children are not a commodity or objects of materialism. I would never willing put myself in a position where I couldn't be with my little boy. He is not an accessory. Sure, we have our moments, he and I. But why the fuck would I blame the world for everything that is happening and bemoan the future for our children, then do the bare minimum to nurture his development?


I don't tell you to keep your chin up
because I'm afraid of how it looks if you don't.
It's important to know how to win and lose
and accept both with grace.

I'm not open and honest with you about everything
because I'm proud or boastful of all I've done.
But because I want you to learn from my mistakes
and for you to thrive on goodness.

I don't want you to be the mirror of me.
You are unique, not insular, strong, funny and kind.
You have already become your own person,
In spite of my failings as a man and father.

Your budding being, inspires me every waking hour,
to remember that no one is perfect, least of all me.
But I'm intelligent enough to know, that as long as we stay close,
I'm succeeding, for now, where many 'better' men have failed.

Son. Forever, my Son.

© Paul David Hogan 2012


  1. Mike!!! Cheers man. I hope life is treating you and your family well. Thanks for reading.