Saturday, 3 March 2012

In A Room

I went to an amazing gig last night. One of the greatest I've ever been to, truth be told. It would be hard not to be reminded that the songs I heard last night, were instrumental in the chain of events, that lead to the formation of the band I will always be in, active or not. I wrote the following piece after a particularly brilliant rehearsal session, last year. Seems to fit today.

In A Room:

In a room where magic spins
Faces four, the beat, the strings
The union of twisted lives
The energy we feel, alive.

In a room where voices rise
Faces four, the laugh, the sighs
A tangled web of songs present
Was the echo, heaven sent?

I can't speak for you
I shouldn't even try to
But I'm happy to be with you
This family in songs
Were gone too long.

In a room, across the years
Faces four, the crowd, the beers
The final show, in spring that died
Bitter ending to a classic ride.

In a room, this very day
Faces five, no masks, The Sway
The affirmation of the pride
We're moving up, with every stride.

I won't speak for you
I shouldn't even have to
But I'm happy to be with you
In this family of songs
Who were gone too long.

© Paul David Hogan 2011

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  1. I've just read back through all your posts. Quality and consistantly so. Thanks for sharing.