Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Join The Dots

I traced a line between two points, just for fun and it's only after that I realised, it may not be such a mental idea, after all.

Join The Dots:

I know a dog.
Best dog in the world.
But I’m not sure if he’s really a dog at all.
I mean, of course he’s a dog in body
but he’s certainly not a pet.
He’s a member of the family.
When I look in to his eye,
there’s something going on.
Some sort of history.
He can see what I can’t
and has a supernatural affinity,
to the chief of my clan.

He knows he belongs
and tries very hard to please.
Like he’s been here before
and is making up for the wrongs,
that he feels he committed,
the first time around.
But there’s no need.
Even If my crazy hunch was right,
there’s nothing to make up.
Over one or two lives,
separate or intertwined
I will always love you both.

© Paul David Hogan 2012


  1. Are you a Buddhist? (sorry, I wrote this on the last one,by mistake!!!)