Saturday, 10 March 2012

Fish Lips

I love the smell of a good rant in the morning but not the smell of fish. Not in the morning. Not unless it's kippers. Mmmmmmmmmm.......... KIPPERS!

Fish Lips (aka, For Fuck's Sake):

Why do women,
do that pout?
The one that makes them,
look like trout.

Pretty girls,
with sexy face.
Suck their cheeks
and look like plaice.

Ugly girls,
not blessed by God.
Strike a pose
and look like cod.

It's worrying
and I blame Beckham.
Anorexic Spice.
Not the football legend.

Girls, get a grip!
Don't copy that fanny.
I'd not copy David.
I've not got a nanny.

You look like fools,
with lips so pursed.
Next step surgery!
Shall I call you a nurse?

Maybe you're blind?
Don't you look in the mirror?
If I see one more do it,
I'll throw up my dinner.

I'm sorry for this,
fairly long shout
but I expect you'll end up,
on 'Take Me Out'.

And if you do,
It wouldn't be a shock
and I pray that old Paddy,
sets you up with a cock.

© Paul David Hogan 2012

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