Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Man Who Tried

Sometimes, just putting in the effort brings its own rewards. The detractors and agitators, with their little poking sticks, will be masters of their own demise.

The Man Who Tried:

He drowned the sorrow,
so that tomorrow,
the sun would shine.
He killed the instinct,
with a smile and a wink,
to draw the line.

He made it better,
he read the letter
and the truths within.
There's no denial,
no facing trial
or the gallery's din.

The man who smiled.
The man who saw the joy
in a child's face.
The man who gave enough.
The man who's brave enough.
The man who rose again.

And to those who would betray;
Keep your thoughts,
inside your tiny minds.
Because your perception,
of almost any given situation
only magnifies the contempt
in which you are held.

The man who tried.
He saw the beauty
in the lines of her face.
The man who died inside.
The man who defied the doubt.
The man who was born again.

© Paul David Hogan 2011


  1. That's some good shit right there.

  2. That really is rather good. Of course, keep them coming. You know, to prove it's not a one off! ;)

  3. Burning burning chunk of loveSunday, 26 February 2012 at 18:59:00 GMT

    I kind of like this serious side to you but think that occasionally, you should slip in a good old funny story. Keep up the good work. You cunny.

  4. Fuck Me, the bog hog has gone respectable !

  5. Thanks all.

    Rog! You know I've always been respectable, under it all. I was the only member of The Sway you trusted to house sit for you. Even though I drunk all your Bushmills!!!

    Keep up the great Blogging and the good fight, Rog. You have my best wishes and respect.