Saturday, 25 February 2012


Hello and welcome to 'The Trouble With Paul', my follow up blog to 'Boghog's Big Meaty Bone'. It will undoubtedly be a huge change of direction and have a slightly less spunky flavour than its predecessor, having confined Boghog to rare guest appearances,elsewhere on the world wide web.

For those of you who know me, well, you know me. For those of you who don't, not to worry. My background isn't massively important in the context of what I want to do here.

Quite simply put, I've been writing words in the form of poems (at one point to be used as songs for the band I played bass in, The Sway) for a few years. Now, following the demise of The Sway, it would be nice for the words to have a purpose, thus we are here. I aim to post some words up on here, at least once every few days. If anyone gets some enjoyment from them, or just wants to banter with me over them, it's all cool.

'How did you come up with the blog title?', I hear no one ask. What I've done there is, I've taken the name of the first piece I am going to post and just sort of made up a sentence with my name in it. Fucking genius!

'Trouble' was written for The Sway and is one of my two poem-come-songs, that made it onto 'When Worlds Collide', The Sway's album, released in August 2011. It came from a dark place but I think it's bright and filled with hope.

I'll speak to you soon (I'm aware that 'uncondition' is not a real word) and here comes trouble.


I, wasn't always trouble.
When you dig beneath the rubble,
you'll find my soul.

My love, my perfect woman.
My fruit, my uncondition,
fill the hole.

Because when it's all laid out
and the choice is clear.
Life's worth more than all
the thirst and fear.

It wasn't always this way.
When you talk, I'll listen, I'll say,
'It's not that hard'.

The child small and frightened.
The woman aching, yet enlightened,
break my heart.

But when it's all laid out,
nowhere left to turn.
You pick up the pieces
and I will try to learn.

© Paul David Hogan 2011


  1. Was not aware you had split! I love the poem...

  2. I'm afraid the lack of awareness of the split, parallels the lack of public awareness of the band in the first instance, unfortunately. Them's the breaks.

  3. what a load of ol shite lol

  4. What does uncondition mean? Eh? EH??