Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Face Of My Friend

I was sifting through my stuff. I had forgotten about this one. I love it. It was written for David and Fred nearly a year ago, when I was asked by David, to be Godfather to Fred. I had the honour of being Godfather to two children last year. They are both wonderful.

The Face of My Friend:

Growing older,
has breathed new life into your soul.
Physically different,
the child sets you, new goals.
Offer him protection,
his smile's a treasure chest.
His tiny hand in your hand,
picture perfectness.

It brings me great joy,
to see the face of my friend,
in the eyes of a child.
It brings me gentle peace,
to see the past reborn and vivid,
in the aura of this gift.

Growing older,
has engaged you a plan.
Mentally efficient,
and acting like a true man
As you walk life together,
remember how this came.
Adventure into new born life,
that dispensed with human pain.

It brings me such peace,
to see the face of a true friend,
in the eyes of a child.
And it brings me deep calm,
to see our past reborn and vivid,
in the spirit of this gift.

© Paul David Hogan 2011
Whilst I'm here, if any of you guys would like me to put up any efforts of your own, please say so, contact me and I'll be happy to do so.

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