Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It's Your Choice

Firstly, today, it was a great surprise and a delight to see my old friend, Rog T, tipping me the wink on his page at . I'm glad he liked it. I always had him down as a man of taste and all my best wishes are sent his way. It's amazing to be appreciated and even better when I hear that I've brought some enjoyment to others.

On to today's piece. Another one that made its way from a desperate cry for help, to a rocker on The Sway's 'When Worlds Collide' album. I will always be thankful for the way David handled my words and put them to music. The way he sang them with a conviction, equal to the one normally reserved for his own scribblings. A great man and my brother from another Mother, if you want me to get all corny about it.

Anyway, at certain points in life, particularly when you feel backed into a corner, you can look to apportion the blame elsewhere but if you can't be arsed to look inside yourself for the answers, address what you can do to make things better and actually make strides to become a better human being, you'll probably be on a hiding to nothing.

It's Your Choice:

Early mornings
Late nights
Drink driving
Love bites
Crashing hearts
and crashing beats
Unsteady on my feet.

Bad News
Sad days
Who gives a fuck
Drugs, whores and rehab
Conscience like a picked scab.

Dry weeks
and wet days
Goodness gracious
Keeper saves
Striker scores
Email, what I'm a bore?

It's your choice
It's your bed
and you gotta lie in it
With broken shards
digging in your soul
I've read the devil's handbook.

It's your choice
Wallow in the past
and denounce the future
and when it's done
see God's face
and in his face, his disappointment.

© Paul David Hogan 2011


  1. You get me wet, you silver tongued lithario xxx

  2. Not my favorite song on the album but I do like the words. Nice to read it in it's original, poetic form. You know what it's like listening to lyrics on a song. Sometime you hear them wrong! I can listen in a different light, now. Thank you.

  3. Burning burning chunk of loveWednesday, 29 February 2012 at 20:15:00 GMT

    Oh dear. I've actually started to look forward getting home from work and seeing what you've got. DOCTOR!

  4. My pleasure Boss, keep up the good work